We are so excited to educate our clients on Handle with Care. Its a needed resource for HR teams, managers, leaders, and all employees
— JoDee Curtis, SHRM-SCP


Creating culture is about more than ping-pong tables and kombucha-on-tap. How do you care for your employees when the “stuff” hits the fan? Let me help you create meaningful cadences of care to support your employees when they need it most.

LunchTime Workshop

LunchTime Workshop


I offer professional development trainings for both HR professionals and invested managers. Workshop topics include:

  • Disruptive life events: how much do they cost your workplace?

  • Empathy over the phone

  • The new normal: helping employees return to work

  • Do’s and don’ts of employee care: an HR primer

I also design custom trainings to meet your needs.




What are your current support systems for employees experiencing disruptive life events? I dive deeply into your culture and procedures: conducting interviews, analyzing date, identifying areas of strength as well as opportunities for growth.

My consulting clients also get early access to the Handle with Care HR product suite, engaging with pre-market interactive tools and content.


Handle with Care, HR Product Suite

Handle with Care is a powerful tool to help managers meaningfully support employees as they move through disruptive life events. Targeted video content combines with interactive adult learning.

Employees receive guidance in managing stress, accessing benefits, and coping with disruption. Managers gain insight into empathetic engagement, on-going support, and structuring expectations.

This offering is in the beta-testing stage. We plan to launch in early 2020.

I absolutely love this program and think that it is both innovative and relevant to our current workforce. This is a game changer!
— Liz Brothers